Volunteering: Ways to Get Involved at Colvin Run

Are you looking for ways to get involved? We've got you covered! From opportunities in the classroom to school wide events there are so many ways to participate at Colvin Run and make a difference in your child's elementary school experience! Please join us!


School Wide Volunteer Opportunities | Classroom Volunteer Opportunities | Volunteer Opportunities by Class


Open Volunteer Opportunities


Various Volunteers Needed (see below)


Contact : president@crespto.org, membership@crespto.org

See Classroom Volunteer Opportunities list below



School Wide Volunteer Opportunities



STEAM Night Co-Leada

spend 10-20 hours preparing for the event over the course of the 3 months leading up to the event which typically runs in the late spring.  As the lead, your role is primarily as the event manager & executor.  10-20 hours 

Movie Night Organization Club 2024

Volunteer at 2024 Movie Night to see the flow; Organizes all aspects of the 2024 Fall movie night to include movie selection and purchase, concessions, food, event marketing and sponsorships. Requires 15-20 hours of off-site commitment between April - September; 6 hours on-site commitment the week of the movie night

Book Fair Club

(March 2024)

 CRES PTO Spring Book Fair - ordering, organizing and managing the spring book fair. Obtaining volunteers for set up, selling, and clean up. Requires 3-5 hours of off-site commitment starting January and 15-20 hours on site commitment during the week of the book fair.

Celebrate Great Falls - CRES Club

 Promotes silent auction to all school staff, solicits donations of experiences/items from staff and liases with Celebrate Great Falls.  Requires 15-20 hours of off-site commitment contacting CRES staff via email between late Jan - April.

Celebrate Great Falls - local businesses club

Solicits donations by local businesses for the silent auction and liases with Celebrate Great Falls.

Requires 15-20 hours of off-site commitment contacting businesses in person, phone and email between late Jan - April. 

Spirit Wear Club

Coordinate with the online Spiritwear company and forward promotions to PTO Communications.

Small time commitment every few weeks. Great for someone who wants to volunteer but works full time or has limited time.



- STEAM Night gives students an opportunity to showcase their own STEAM and art projects as well as see other science related activities. The STEAM Night lead can expect to spend 10-20 hours preparing for the event over the course of the 3 months leading up to the event which typically runs in the late spring.  As the lead, your role is primarily as the event manager & executor. 

Responsibilities Include:

 - Coordinating with the STEAM and Art teachers for student projects to showcase. The teachers take care of most of this so the lead is mainly responsible for recruiting volunteers to help during the event, which they can work with the PTO board in finding/recruiting. Volunteers will help with set up/break down and event logistics - often these are the parents of the STEAM students participating.

 - Working with the front office to make sure school spaces are reserved for the event and tables are set up for the event. 

 - Arranging other science-related activities. These activities are at the discretion of the STEAM NIght lead. Past events have included demos by local robotics teams, a dome theater for science movies (arranged by school in advance and based on availability), hands-on science activities, etc. In the past, we have had the Children's Science Center come for hands-on activities; however, that is dependent on a lottery and lots of volunteers. We have also found a local group for this and past leads have done demos themselves. 

If interested in learning more, please email : fundraising@crespto.org, events@crespto.org



Coordinator: Nikki Nabi (President Elect) - president@crespto.org

Volunteer Opportunities 

  Academic Teams Coordinator Mavis Kwaw and Becky Amster awo.a.gray@gmail.com
  First Lego League/Jr FLL   mlhuling@gmail.com
  Math Counts    
  Science Olympiad A Volunteer Needed Rebecca.amster@gmail.com
  Science Olympiad B   awo.a.gray@gmail.com
  Odyssey of the Mind Volunteer Needed  
  Chess Club Coach Mehler dmehler@chessctr.org



Coordinator: Paige Allen (VP Events) - cresevents@crespto.org

Volunteer Opportunities 

  Movie Night Set Up Committee Needed  
  September 23    
  Culturama Evelyn Lee, Cassie Kramer, Kavitha Jaspal, Ashley Reccord, Liz Odell  
  (February, 3rd quarter)    
  Skate Night Emily Palmieri  
  December, 2nd quarter    
  Family STEAM Night Tim Judkins tjudkins@gmail.com
  (March, 3rd quarter)    
  Bingo Wenhan Bu  
  February, 3rd quarter    
  Talent Show Tracey Redfern  
  (4th quarter)    

School Musical

(4th quarter)

Volunteers Needed to Assist  



Coordinator: Evelyn Lee (VP Fundraising) - cresfundraising@crespto.org

Volunteer Opportunities 

  Direct Donation Drive Evelyn Lee fundraising@crespto.org
  Book Fair Club

Evelyn Lee, Firoozeh Mofakhami,

1 more lead volunteer needed 

  Box Tops Volunteer Needed fundraising@crespto.org
  Golf Tournament Mohan Krishnakumar fundraising@crespto.org
  Tennis Tournament Mohan Krishnakumar
  Celebrate Great Falls Mohan Kirshnakumar fundraising@crespto.org
  School Supply Kits Jane Accomando janetheresa@gmail.com   
  Spirit Wear Club Volunteer Needed  
  Original Works Jessica Hooten, Tressa Mattingly jessrepka@yahoo.com


Coordinator: Monica Bae (VP Membership) - membership@crespto.org

Volunteer Opportunities 

  Directory Samina Islam, Mark Islam membership@crespto.org
  Yearbook Marilani Alt mlhuling@gmail.com   

PTO Leadership

Contact CRES PTO President at president@crespto.org if you would like to volunteer.

Social Media Club 

Teacher Support

Coordinator: Sherry Maradey (President) - president@crespto.org

Volunteer Opportunities 

  Room Parent Coordinator Jenny Peoples roomparent@crespto.org
  Teacher Support Coordinator Wenhan Bu  
  Art Plus Krissy Treece, Amy Shenoy, Jessica Hooten  
  Character Education Tanaz Shahrzad, Emily Kendall  
  Hospitality Michele Chang  
  Health Clinic Support Volunteer Needed  

8th Grade Volunteers

If you're in 8th grade this year and are interested in volunteering at a Colvin Run event, please fill in our 8th Grade Volunteer Information Form (located in your dashboard) and we will let you know when we have events coming up.




Volunteering in your child's classroom is super easy. Review the descriptions of in-class volunteer opportunities below. Contact the coordinator listed or your child's room parent to help. 



Contact membership@crespto.org to volunteer

Art Plus is a PTO sponsored, volunteer driven, art enrichment program for all grade levels that enables students to display creative and innovative thinking.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours each lesson; 4 lessons per year (1 per quarter)

Usually 3-4 volunteers needed per class



Contact Room Parent to volunteer

This can be as simple as a pizza party or more involved such as an end of the year party or a grade level event.

Time Commitment: 1-5 hours per event/party

Depending on your involvement, the scale of the project and the number of volunteers



Contact Room Parent to volunteer

Some teachers have class specific jobs that need volunteers, such as: reading, writing, at-home work, etc.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week depending on the job




Spend time with your child's class in the library, checking books in/out and helping shelve books

Time Commitment: 1 hour every 2 weeks; Year-long commitment

2 designated reps per class (K-5)



Contact Jenny Peoples (roomparent@crespto.org) to volunteer

Room parents play a crucial role at CRES assisting the teachers, coordinating class enrichment activities, organizing parent volunteers for classroom support and keeping parents connected to their children's classes. Contact the Room Parent Coordinator for more information.

Time Commitment: Needs vary by class



Contact Room Parent to volunteer

Service Learning Projects (SLPs) provide students a variety of practical opportunities to demonstrate compassion through charitable activities, such as: Wolf Trap clean-up, sneaker and bike drives, or making gift baskets for assisted living residents.

Time Commitment:  1-5 hours depending on your involvement, the scale of the project and the number of volunteers.

Usually 1 project per grade per year



Contact Room Parent to volunteer

Specials include a variety of activities (both PTO and non-PTO sponsored) including art, computer lab, STEAM lab, foreign language, etc.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week

Note: specials and needs vary by grade



Contact Room Parent to volunteer  

Help your teacher with copying, laminating and other related activities that support the classroom.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week

1-2 trained TWR reps per class preferred



Contact Room Parent to volunteer

Help your teacher by sorting important school info and student work into folders/binders for students to take home

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week





Contact your child's room parent for information on available needs and how to help. If you need your room parent's contact information, please email roomparent@crespto.org or your child's teacher.