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* Spring BASA Registration : March 21-April 5 *

Classes start the week of April 8th

 Start and End dates vary due to holidays and class length.



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 Registration opens on 3/21 at 8AM and closes on 4/4 at 4pm


Classes are open to all PTO families. Not a member? Sign-up online for $25 per family. 

Classes must meet minimum student enrollments to be held.  If a class is full, please contact us at the email below to be added to the waitlist. 

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Fairfax County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to all clubs and activities.  



BASA Spring 2024 Class Descriptions


Purple Wand Magic

Mondays 4:15- 5:15pm
Instructor: The Ultimate Magic Academy| $295 for 8 sessions(materials included).

Learn Magic at Colvin Run with The Purple Wand Magic Class! The Purple Wand Class of Magic will teach your kids how to read minds, restore broken items, make money appear, predict the future and more! 8 - Individual,interactive, and amazing classes! Over $80 worth of materials included with your tuition. Up to 8 hours of Live Instruction. Original tricks with full color instructions. Custom cards and coins, sized to fit kid hands. A bonus secret file folder for each lesson. Custom magic wands and graduation certificates. Integrated life skills in every lesson. An online video vault where the daily secret word unlocks tricks. Benefit from the experiences and success of other presenters. More lessons, tricks, online videos, and bonus content will be added over time. We focus on magic, fun and learning. The magic makes the fun happen; the fun makes the learning easy. The Ultimate Magic Academy provides extraordinary fun that makes great kids appear!
Grade 2-6


Spring Art

Mondays 4:15- 5:15pm
Instructor: Young Rembrandts| $195 for 8 sessions.

It’s spring time and that can only mean one thing:
SPRINGTIME FUN WITH YOUNG REMBRANDTS! If your child enjoys the outdoors they will love the
upcoming Hummingbird lesson filled with color and whimsy. We’ll be drawing all season creating motorcycles, boats and even the butterfly life cycle! Artists will be challenged as they draw and shade a realistic portrait of famous composer Beethoven using color pencils.

Grade K-3

Scratch Sports Coding

Monday 4:15- 5:15pm
Instructor: CodeAdvantage | $295 for 8 sessions.

In this super fun class, kids learn fundamental
programming concepts including loops, conditionals, and variables by creating a variety of games and
adventures! Kids marvel at how they can program Scratch to play baseball, program a dragon to fly around the world, and go surfing using math!! This intro to coding forms a solid foundation which can be used in other advanced programming languages.

Grades 3-5


Monday 4:15- 5:15pm
Instructor: Overtime Athletics | $185 for 8 sessions

game to the next level! Join us for Shooting Stars Soccer and learn to play Soccer like the pros! Coaches
will teach you skills like dribbling, passing, trapping, shooting and defense. This program emphasizes
fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Have a blast and make new friends playing World Cup Tournament, Battle Balls, Trapper 500, Corner Kick Challenge and Soccer Knockout. Don't miss out on what the rest of the world already knows; it’s a beautiful game - sign up today!

Grades K-2

Design Squad 

Tuesday 8:00-9:00am

CRES Instructor: Ms. Allen and Ms. Blackwell | $165 for 8 sessions.

Come join Ms. Blackwell and Ms. Allen as you use your engineering skills to design and create solutions for weekly problems. This class allows students to utilize critical and creative thinking strategies while also enjoying creating and implementing their own inventions.

Grade 4-6



Tuesdays 8:00-9:00am
CRES Instructor: Ms. Matthews and Ms. Daneshkah| $195 for 8 sessions (materials included).

Mix learning a lifelong skill with service learning! Students will learn how to crochet a hat, scarf, or blanket while also participating in a community donation of blankets. The crocheted blankets will be donated to local families in need through our local emergency rescue offices. Students will learn basic crochet stitches, common motifs and patterns.

Grades 3-6



Tuesdays 4:15-5:15pm
CRES Instructor: Ms. Miskinyar | $175 for 8 sessions

3-2-1...Swish! Have fun learning skills like dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defense. Test your abilities by having fun scrimmaging and playing various popular basketball games!

Grades 1-4

Hip-Hop All Stars

Tuesdays 4:15-5:15pm
Instructor: The Adrenaline Dance Force | $195 for 8 sessions

Our ADF hip hop dancers will learn the
latest street dancing technique, performance skills and confidence. Hip Hop is an ever-evolving style
performed to current hip hop music. The Adrenaline Dance Force classes offer the ability to improve hip hop style, increase memory and improve balance by staying grounded and strong through upper and lower body movement. Adrenaline’s experienced staff brings excitement to this class with the latest hip hop moves and age- appropriate music!

Grades K-2

Authors & Illustrators

Wednesday 8:00- 9:00am
CRES Instructor: Mr. Smalley | $165 for 8 sessions.

Kids will author and illustrate their own books! They
will learn to construct and edit a full storyline using composition, text, and pictures to emphasize different parts of a story. This class is founded on the beliefs that great leaps in learning can happen with 1-on-1 attention and that strong writing skills are fundamental to success. Since class time is limited, some drawing/writing may happen at home, but kids are given the tools and a schedule to get them to a finished product in 8 weeks.
Grades 3-4


Run Club

Wednesdays 8:15-9:00am
CRES Instructors: Ms. Bunch, Ms. Franklin, & Ms. Dunning | $195 for 8 sessions.

Fall is the perfect
time to get outdoors and in shape! Come Wednesday mornings to train as part of the Colvin Runners.
Students will build endurance and confidence and will learn to push themselves further than they thought
possible, while having fun with their friends. They will build towards an unofficial 5K by the end of the session at Colvin Run. A Colvin Runners t-shirt is included. Please note 8:15am start time.

Grades 3-6


LEGO Building Club

Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm
CRES Instructors: Ms. Miskinyar | $165 for 8 sessions (materials included)

Show your creativity as you build LEGO creations. Each week will offer a different project theme, including Boat Races (build a sailboat to race with box fan “wind”), building a Bridge that can withstand certain weights, Tree Forts, and building while blindfolded. While having fun with LEGOS, students will find their inner designer, engineer or inventor. This is the ideal class for any LEGO-maniac!

Grades K-2

CRES Mural

Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm
CRES Instructor: Ms. Wiseman | $150 for 8 sessions.

Get your painting fingers ready! Collaborate with your
peers to design a CRES mural outside of the art room. Students will work together to develop a creative idea for a mural design and use painting techniques to produce a beautiful CRES mural to brighten our upstairs hallway.

Grade 4-6


Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm
CRES Instructor: Mr. Bittner and Ms. Bunch| $215 for 8 sessions.

Pickleball is a cross between ping pong, tennis, and chess—is the fastest growing sport in the country! Come ready for some fun learning the ins and outs of this active pastime. Throughout the session, you will build hand-eye coordination while learning how to hit serves, volleys, dinks, and lobs. Looking forward to seeing you hit the courts at CRES!

Grades 4-6

Sticky Fingers Cooking

Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm
Instructor: Sticky Fingers Cooking I $285 for 8 sessions.

Join our 'COOL'inary Cooking Club with NEW recipes each week! Your young chef will have SO much fun discovering how easy and enjoyable it is to cook (and gobble-up!) tasty, healthy globally-inspired, 100% NUT-FREE recipes! Our classes incorporate S.T.E.A.M., culture, language, geography, history and more. Your chef will explore exciting pairings, master culinary skills (that they can use in family kitchens!) and nourish their bodies and minds.

Grades 2-5


Minecraft Code: Superheroes

Wednesday 4:15- 5:15pm
Instructor: CodeAdvantage | $295 for 8 sessions

The Minecraft world is in danger! In this class,
students will learn coding fundamentals and use them to create powerful superheroes with special abilities. Each class creates a new opportunity for our coders to save the Minecraft world against a new danger! From traveling to a ruined city and exploring a frozen bunker to saving the White House and more! Students will have an amazing time putting their coding skills to the test! Projects include: Anvil Rain using commands and loops, Programmable Robot Bodyguard with selector variables, Gladiator using position variables and fill commands. Prior coding or Minecraft experience not required.

Grades 1-3


Compassion Art Project

Thursday 8:00am- 9:00am
CRES Instructor: Ms. McKnight | $150 for 8 sessions

"The Compassion Art Project," is a fun and interactive 8-day class designed to teach children fundamental life skills to help enhance their school experience and interactions with peers. Students will also be introduced to the concepts of integrity, conflict resolution, positive coping skills, and respect. These skills and concepts will be explored through collaborative activities and art that will be given to the community."

Grade 3-6

Scratch Jr. Coding

Thursdays 4:15- 5:15pm
Instructor: CodeAdvantage | $295 for 8 sessions

Learning to Code is a critical skill for children to learn!
Much like learning another language, it’s best to have kids learn about programming concepts early and
often! In our Scratch Jr class, kids will learn coding concepts including computer automation and linear
sequencing. They will make short stories, apply elements of animation, and create their own sprites and
objects – all using technology and coding fundamentals!

Grades K-2

Mudskippers Pottery Nature and Spring

Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm
Instructor: Mudskippers Pottery | $210 for 8 sessions.

Join Mudskippers Pottery as we shake off
those Winter blues as we explore nature in Spring! Get ready to get your hands dirty and tackle NEW
projects that are sure to keep you entertained. You will work on hand-built projects as you take your
pottery from start to finish, even glazing your own work! This Spring we will create pinch pot and slab lily
pad candle holders, coil beehive shakers, and fish slab wall pockets. You don’t want to miss this chance
to create memorable masterpieces you can cherish all year round! Come on and let’s get muddy!
Grade 2-6

Olympic Fencing

Friday 4:15-5:15pm
Instructor: NoVA Fencing Club | $185 for 8 sessions.

Classes are conducted in the discipline of epee. Students will use standard fencing gear approved by the U.S. Fencing Organization. Fencing foils are lighter, more flexible and easier for children to handle. Students will focus on the fundamentals including footwork, handwork, strategy and rules of fencing. Classes will include group exercises as well as drills in pairs and bouting. Age-appropriate games and activities build on conditioning, speed and endurance and also emphasize critical thinking and quick decision-making. Proper covid protocols will be followed (i.e., all gear will be sanitized prior to use, equipment will not be shared, etc.). At the end, a tournament will be held.
Grades 1-6

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