PTO Executive Board Role Descriptions


As President-elect you will be expected to shadow and support the current President, learning day-to-day operations, and understanding the organization's history and goals. The President-Elect is expected to understand the PTO bylaws, perform assigned duties, and transition to the role of President after a year as President Elect. Acting in the President's absence, the President-elect will collaborate with board members, and help support PTO in all aspects. Some tasks include developing event calendars, producing Back-to-School packets, attending meetings, assisting with PTO events, and supporting member development. Communication efforts and ensuring a smooth transition to the presidency are also crucial aspects of the role.
VP Fundraising

As VP of Fundraising, you will be responsible for overseeing various fundraising initiatives, including the Direct Donation Drive, corporate sponsorships, company matching programs, store rewards programs, Spring book fair, Celebrate Great Falls events, school supply kits, Square1Arts fundraiser, and Spiritwear. Additionally, you will attend board meetings, PTO meetings, PTO-sponsored events, and work with Executive Board Members to promote and manage fundraising activities.


VP Membership

As VP of Membership, you will collaborate with the VP of Fundraising to ensure a successful membership drive, lead the organization and chair the Nominating Committee for the PTO Board to fill open positions in the Executive Committee, as well as serve as a liaison for specific committees such as Directory and Volunteer Coordinator.


VP Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect
As VP Treasurer, you are responsible for developing and maintaining the PTO budget andfinancial records as well as preparing financial status reports for meetings, and managing the PTO books and records using Quickbooks. Additionally, you will be responsible for maintaining existing bank accounts, tracking and depositing funds generated from fundraising and PTO events, as well as paying vendors and disbursing funds to supportedbudget items. Maintaining and updating existing business licenses and the PTO’s not-for-profit status are also responsibilities of the VP Treasurer. In the first year of office, the individual will act as Treasurer Elect, while shadowing the existing Treasurer and assisting with BASA (Budget and Staff Allocation) process before serving as VP Treasurer for an additional two years. 


VP Events

As VP of Events you will be responsible for overseeing the planning and executing of various Colvin Run community events. You will manage budgets for events, coordinate volunteers, promote events through communication channels, and ensure logistical aspects are in place. You'll also provide financial updates to the Executive Board, gather feedback for improvement post-events, and collaborate with other PTO committees for overall PTO success. Regular attendance at PTO meetings is expected to stay informed about projects and issues, ensuring strict adherence to PTO bylaws and guidelines for all events.


VP Comms
As VP of Communications, you will be responsible for publishing the PTO newsletter (Dragon Gazette), updating the website, and acting as a liaison for the social media committee that handles the social media platforms. You will also oversee the PTO's calendar, record minutes for Board and Membership meetings, and ensure the PTO remains in compliance with our bylaws. Acting as a liaison for specific committees is integral to your role, fostering effective communication and coordination across diverse organizational functions.
VP BASA and BASA Co-Lead
As VP of BASA you will be responsible for overseeing and managing the organization's Before and After School Program (BASA), including the development and maintenance of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) budget. Responsibilities also include preparing status reports for meetings, tracking all revenue generated from BASA, and serving as a liaison to Fairfax County. This includes processing facility approval forms and preparing the necessary documentation for reimbursing the county for teacher-taught BASA classes. There is an additional BASA Co-Lead role that is responsible for assisting the VP of BASA in all of the above duties. 


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