Why Join the PTO?


One of our goals for the CRES PTO is to make it easy and fun for parents to support their children’s education and encourage a strong community of learning. It can be tough to fit PTO participation into a busy schedule – especially for dual-income families and families with children in more than one school. But supporting your child’s elementary education can yield lifelong benefits and help you enjoy bonding even closer during these formative years. Join here

1) Innovative educational resources

While FCPS remains the best large school district in the country, Colvin Run Elementary continues to be an innovative and award-winning school in FCPS and a model school visited by domestic and international school districts.


As parents of children at a critical stage in their education, we work together with the school staff to make sure our children have the best possible education and are well prepared to compete in the global professional marketplace.

2) Shared experiences bring parents and children closer

Elementary school children get so excited to see their parents volunteering at school. Participating in PTO and classroom programs helps parents better understand their children’s day to day routines. Even if you are a busy parent who can only volunteer or participate in events a few times per year, being present underscores your commitment to your child’s education and wellbeing.

3) Parent involvement enhances academic performance

Studies show that the children of involved parents are more likely to perform well academically and on standardized tests. As parents and teachers connect and communicate more often, classroom behavior improves. Also parents gain a better understanding of the learning process and teachers’ expectations so they can help their children work more effectively toward better outcomes.

4) Involvement helps our teachers

We trust Colvin Run’s exceptional teaching staff to educate and care for our children every day. Our dedicated teachers are committed to our student and by working together to provide additional enrichment programs and in-classroom support, PTO members can help our teachers by giving them additional time to focus on providing an unparalleled education for our children.


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