Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 4-6th Grade


Call times are as follows:

Group A - arrive by 4:30, rehearsal starts at 4:45-5:05

Group B - arrive by 4:50 , rehearsal starts at 5:05-5:25

Group C - arrive by 5:05, rehearsal starts at 5:25-5:45

Group D - arrive by 5:30, rehearsal starts at 5:45-6:05

Group E - arrive by 5:45, rehearsal starts at 6:05-6:25

Group F - arrive by 6:10, rehearsal starts at 6:25-6:45


When you arrive, please check in at the door with one of our parent volunteers.

Keep in mind that this schedule is only an estimation of time. We may run faster or slower depending on backstage assistance, volunteers, technical issues, etc. so we ask for your patience and understanding. 

Please note that there will not be any food for sale at the dress rehearsals this year, so please plan accordingly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 4:45pm

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