Volunteering: Ways to Get Involved at Colvin Run

Are you looking for ways to get involved? We've got you covered! From opportunities in the classroom to school wide events there are so many ways to participate at Colvin Run and make a difference in your child's elementary school experience! Please join us!


School Wide Volunteer Opportunities | Classroom Volunteer Opportunities | Volunteer Opportunities by Class


Open Volunteer Opportunities





Classroom Volunteers See Classroom Volunteer Opportunities list below


School Wide Volunteer Opportunities


Coordinator: Erin Mascatello (President Elect) - cres.preselect@gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunities

Academic Teams Coordinator Sofia Burki sofiaburki@yahooo.com
First Lego League/Jr FLL Jennifer Howard je_howard@hotmail.com
Math Counts Theresa Bhatia theresa.bhatia@gmail.com
Science Olympiad A Shajuti Banerjee shajuti.banerjee@gmail.com
Science Olympiad B Neelam Kadam nkadam@gmail.com
Odyssey of the Mind Awo Archampong-Gray awo.a.gray@gmail.com
Chess Club David Mehler dmehler@chessctr.org



Coordinator: Mandy Kerr (VP Events) - cresevents@gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunities

Movie Night
(September, 1st quarter)
Beth Rafferty
Diana Stoltzfus
(November, 1st quarter)
Olivia Ranakusuma olivia.ranakusuma@gmail.com 
Skate Night
(January, 2nd quarter)
Maureen Boyle
Krista Giunchi
Family STEAM Night 
(March, 2nd quarter)
Tim Judkins
Elizabeth Schreiber
(Feburary, 3rd quarter)
Cate Riihimaki
Becky Falquet
Talent Show
(April, 4th quarter)
Huong Nguyen huong135@gmail.com
School Musical
(June, 4th quarter)
Justine Simpson justine.porter@talk21.com



Coordinator: Mollie Loeffler (VP Fundraising) - cresfundraising@gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunities

Direct Donation Drive Mollie Loeffler cresfundraising@gmail.com
Book Fair Ann Malekzadeh annmalekzadeh@gmail.com 
Box Tops Danielle Kouzoukas dmladay@yahoo.com  
Golf Tournament Emily Kendall
Lisa Cuomo
School Supply Kits Elaine Lin lin.elaine.usa@gmail.com  
Spirit Wear Jenn Howard je_howard@hotmail.com



Coordinator: Mary Lee (VP Membership) - cresmembership@gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunities

Directory Tonia Powell cresdirectory@gmail.com
Yearbook Tala Anastas talakattan@hotmail.com 


PTO Leadership

Contact CRES PTO President Sheri Economou at crespresident@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer.


Teacher Support

Coordinator: Sheri Economou (President) - crespresident@gmail.com


Room Parent Coordinator Jenny Peoples cresroomparent@gmail.com
Teacher Support Coordinator Elena Nenashev elena.nenashev@gmail.com 
Art Plus Karyn DeVito khrt9@aol.com 
Character Education Maureen Boyle scjackandmo@aol.com
Library Heather Singley husingley@hotmail.com
Hospitality Tonya Ocloo adkinstonya@hotmail.com 
Hospitality Co-chair Alyson Samburg alycoffey@yahoo.com
Health Clinic Support Piper Ryan 1.piper.ryan@gmail.com


8th Grade Volunteers

If you're in 8th grade this year and are interested in volunteering at a Colvin Run event, please fill in our 8th Grade Volunteer Information Form (located in your dashboard) and we will let you know when we have events coming up.



Classroom Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in your child's classroom is super easy. Review the descriptions of in-class volunteer opportunities below. Contact the coordinator listed or your child's room parent to help. 


Art Plus

Contact Karyn DeVito (khrt9@aol.com) to volunteer

Art Plus is a PTO sponsored, volunteer driven, art enrichment program for all grade levels that enables students to display creative and innovative thinking.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours each lesson; 4 lessons per year (1 per quarter)

Usually 3-4 volunteers needed per class


Class Parties/Events

Contact Room Parent to volunteer

This can be as simple as a pizza party or more involved such as an end of the year party or a grade level event.

Time Commitment: 1-5 hours per event/party

Depending on your involvement, the scale of the project and the number of volunteers


Class-specific Jobs

Contact Room Parent to volunteer

Some teachers have class specific jobs that need volunteers, such as: reading, writing, at-home work, etc.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week depending on the job



Contact Heather Singley (husingley@hotmail.com) to volunteer

Spend time with your child's class in the library, checking books in/out and helping shelve books

Time Commitment: 1 hour every 2 weeks; Year-long commitment

2 designated reps per class (K-5)


Room Parents

Contact Jenny Peoples (cresroomparent@gmail.com) to volunteer

Room parents play a crucial role at CRES assisting the teachers, coordinating class enrichment activities, organizing parent volunteers for classroom support and keeping parents connected to their children's classes. Contact the Room Parent Coordinator for more information.

Time Commitment: Needs vary by class


Service Learning Projects

Contact Room Parent to volunteer

Service Learning Projects (SLPs) provide students a variety of practical opportunities to demonstrate compassion through charitable activities, such as: Wolf Trap clean-up, sneaker and bike drives, or making gift baskets for assisted living residents.

Time Commitment:  1-5 hours depending on your involvement, the scale of the project and the number of volunteers.

Usually 1 project per grade per year



Contact Room Parent to volunteer

Specials include a variety of activities (both PTO and non-PTO sponsored) including art, computer lab, STEAM lab, foreign language, etc.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week

Note: specials and needs vary by grade


Teacher Support

Contact Room Parent to volunteer  

Help your teacher with copying, laminating and other related activities that support the classroom.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week

1-2 trained TWR reps per class preferred


Wednesday Folders/Binders

Contact Room Parent to volunteer

Help your teacher by sorting important school info and student work into folders/binders for students to take home

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week




Volunteer Opportunities by Class

Contact your child's room parent for information on available needs and how to help. (List to be updated soon)






Room Parent


Melanie Clubb

Henry Ji - henryg8000@gmail.com

Constantino Maradey - maradec1@gmail.com


Jennifer Reed

Tanaz Tavakkoli - shahrzad.tanaz@gmail.com

Emily Kendall - emilymkendall@gmail.com 


Tawanya Scarboro

Samantha Kelly - skelly36117@hotmail.com

Lani Hsiao - lanihsiao@yahoo.com

First Grade

Tricia Abernathy

Stephanie Marine - stephaniemarine@gmail.com

Danielle Peterson - petersondanielle@hotmail.com


Julie Baker

Mandy Bertin - mandyc77@aol.com

Michelle Chang - michelep123@hotmail.com


Aimee Crewalk

Mallory Williams -mallory.williams0@gmail.com

Shabnam Lankarani  - s.d.lankarani@gmail.com

  Franki White

Emily Barletta - ejsbarletta@gmail.com

Xi Chen - xchen8@gmu.edu

Second Grade

Christine Canaga

Lori Tempesta - ltoland@hotmail.com

Elaine Wang - lin.elaine.usa@gmail.com


Amy Edwards

Sarah Jordan - sarahlouisejordan@gmail.com

Melissa Carey - melissalcarey@yahoo.com

  Allison Franklin

Katrina Anton - katrina.anton@gmail.com

Sangita Subramanian - sangita@omgroupinc.us


Judy Loving

Cate Riihimaki - cateriihimaki@gmail.com

Barbara Little - blittle1021@gmail.com


Jodi McIlhenney

Kripa Iyer Keswani - kiyer@tcco.com

Courtney Juncker - crjuncker@gmail.com

Third Grade

Steve Alexander

Deb Worden - deborahworden@yahoo.com

Jenny Peoples - jenny.a.peoples@gmail.com


Kerry Hunt

Erin Mascatello - erinjudybennett@yahoo.com

Tania O'Neill - tocsun@gmail.com


Ali Simanson

Laura Thompson - blake_laura@hotmail.com

Aylin Buikema - aylin.buikema@gmail.com

  Peter Stetser

Alyson Samburg - alycoffey@yahoo.com

Elena Nenashev - elena.nenashev@gmail.com


Carrie Zvijac

Stephanie Nicolaides - snicolaides@gmail.com

Mandy Kerr - mandskerr@gmail.com

Fourth Grade

Karl Bittner

Alison Mills - alisonamills@yahoo.com

Tonia Powell - toniampowell@gmail.com


Kailyn Carroll

Mary Lee - mycholee@yahoo.com

Huong Nguyen - huong135@gmail.com


Diane Hausman

Kristina Kohlweiler - kekohlweiler@icloud.com

Anna Vaughan - anna.vaughan@hotmail.com

  Katherine Pfeffer-Hahn

Heather Walcott - heather_walcott@hotmail.com

Miao Jiang - mjoycejiang@yahoo.com


Jessica Seiler

Jeneveive Losick - jclark9094@msn.com

Ruth DeGraaf - rkdegraaf@hotmail.com


Deb Witt

Mollie Loeffler - mmloeffler@verizon.net

Adrienne West - themrswest@hotmail.com

Fifth Grade

Kathleen Bunch

Margaret Brown - margaretbrown2345@gmail.com

Elizabeth Milone - elizabeth.milone@yahoo.com


Jason Henry

Divya Chawla - dcdivyachawla@yahoo.com

Kate Wesley - kateeller@yahoo.com

  Cheryl Long

Sarah Marshall - sarah.l.marshall08@gmail.com

Jesleen Papneja - jashu.family@gmail.com


Jana Ruffner

Heather Singley - husingley@hotmail.com

Tina Sarani - tkouchak@yahoo.com


Lauren Zortman

Bic DeCaro - bic@bicdecaro.com

Robin Crawford - robinbaker99@yahoo.com

Sixth Grade

Joan Andrade

Joanna Fitzmaurice - jojofitzmaurice@aol.com

Evelyn Lee - hjkwon@gmail.com


Cara Ellenbogen

Gina Dell'Atti - gdellatti@msn.com

Ying-Wei Chen - ying-wei@yahoo.com


Les Gray

Brenda Beeland - brbb@cox.net

Maureen Boyle - scjackandmo@aol.com


Patty Hansen

Cathy Sribar - cathy.sribar@gmail.com

Karen Kim - karenhpk@yahoo.com

  Brittany Klippstein

Leslie Martell - lgm8984@gmail.com

Christina Saxon - christina.saxon@yahoo.com


Andrea Pollock

Kelly McCusker - kellyrmccusker@gmail.com

Lalitha Ketineni - lalithake@gmail.com