Science Olympiad

Division A - Grades 3-5 | Division B - Grades 5-6

If your child is in grade 3, 4, or 5, talk to them about participating in Science Olympiad Division A. This is a fun event, not overly competitive and a great way to introduce the concept of academic competitions.

Many children who participate in Science Olympiad Division A, continue on to Division B, which is geared towards middle school nd even beyond that to Division C, for high school. Another advantage is that it fosters an enthusiasm for STEM learning.


The competition is scheduled for a date tbd at the end of April or beginning of May. Information about this event is updated at:


Science Olympiad is a 100% volunteer run organization. The event itself, as well as all of the preparation that goes into it is organized entirely by volunteers. For Colvin Run to be able to participate in this event, every parent will have to volunteer their time to some degree or another. The two main needs for volunteers are:


1-Each team of children is to be coached by parents (or even grandparents, older siblings). All preparation for events happens at home. CRES teachers and staff typically do not get involved in this event, as it is an extra-curricular activity.


2-As a school we will be assigned one event to run from start to end, including setup, cleanup, hospitality, awards, information etc. Parents, grandparents or older siblings are all welcome to help fill this need.

There will be a fee of a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $50 for participating in this event which goes towards team registration and T-shirt.


If your child is interested in participating in Science Olympiad Division A, please email your child’s name and grade to me, Sofia Burki, at

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